Wolfram Ehnert, Blacksmith

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Wolfram Ehnert has been working as a blacksmith and metal designer in his own workshop since 6 August 1985. He mainly produces unique pieces in the field of architectural design (grilles, gates, fences, conservatories, water features, sculptures), but also small works of art, household appliances such as furniture, kitchen utensils (pans), candlesticks and sacred objects. The workshop also works in the field of restoration.

Name of Craft in the local language
Wolfram Ehnert, Kunstschmied
Type of Craft
Traditional thatch roofing, production of special thatch sheaves (Schaben), sale of long-stalked winter rye, part-time upholsterer
Knowledge Holder
Wolfram Ehnert
Location, Website
Quohrener Straße 17, 01324 Dresden, https://www.gestaltetes-metall.de/ Link to website
ehnert@gestaltetes-metall.de, +49 351 26989-0, Mobil: +49 171 7056 376
Type of Business
Newly founded company
Year of Establishment
Yes, Johannes Ehnert (from 2024)

Workshop and sales space
2 workshop rooms of approx. 40 m² each, external (Niederau) machinery, small sales area, office; recreation room, (small shop gallery in planning)
Iron, copper, bronze, stainless and corten steel, aluminium, also in combination with wood and stone (partly in cooperation with other craftsmen)
Technology / Tools / Machines
Forge fires, saws, punches, shears, edge benches, air hammer, presses, tongs, moulds, gauges; some tools manufactured in-house; CNC milling machine
Techniques / Processes
- Planning/design (PC CAD), freehand drawing - Cutting saw, drilling, grinding, pressing, welding (various techniques), soldering, forging, filing, air hammer
Members / Employees
Wolfram Ehnert, Johannes Ehnert, 5 employees (incl. administration and design level), 4 of them in the workshop
In general, yes, but no apprentices at the moment. Downward trend in the number of applicants. Frequently interns from universities and schools (male and female).
Education of the Craftsperson
Wolfram Ehnert: after secondary school, 1 ½ years apprenticeship in the metalworking trade, 10 years working in the training company, master craftsman course and passing the master craftsman examination in 1983, self-employment // Johannes Ehnert: A-levels, training at Meckenbeuren commercial school as a metalworker specialising in metal design, 1 year of work, participation in various competitions (1st place in the national competition), scholarship for master craftsman training in Göppingen, training as an international welding specialist

Best-selling product
The workshop mainly work individually according to customer wishes and our own designs, so there is no best-selling product in the conventional sense and they are not aiming for one.
Average time of production
No estimate possible as dependent on customer requirements and type of property
Average price per item
The price range is between €15 and €800,000.