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Lebiba Džeko, orientalist and ethnologist


Lebiba Džeko is an orientalist by formal education, but for many years she has been working as an ethnologist, and the head of the ethnological department of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the title of museum advisor.

Name of Field in the local language
Etnologija i orijentalistika
Area of Expertise
Ethnology, crafts, folk customs and traditions.
Scientists / Scientific team
Lebiba Džeko
Location, Institution, Website
Sarajevo, Zemaljski muzej BiH/ National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Zmaja od Bosne 3;
Contact , +387 33 668 027
Type of Institution
Cultural institution - Museum
Years of Active working in the Field
Collaborators or Successors
Samir Avdić, Ernis Šljivo

Laboratory and research space
Materials and equipment
Technology / Tools / Machines
Research Methods / Processes
Interviews with tellers (common people), recording of video and photo material, study of archival material and documentation and research and use of literature (primary and secondary sources).
Members / Employees
Students or other Researchers
Education of the Scientist
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo - Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb (Master's degree)

Most impactful project
- Under the sky of clear faith - Islam and Europe in the experience of Bosnia (exhibition) - material culture and heritage. - City furniture and material heritage, traditions of the Sarajevo region (research, exhibitions, descriptions). - Pottery and pottery of the Liješevo region and Visoko. - The relationship between Islamic endowments (vaquf) and crafts in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Grant or funding information

Awards, certifications, or scientific recognition
- Head of the Ethnological Department of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina; -Museum advisor-Court expert for assessment of damage to cultural and historical heritage in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina- Member of ICOM BiH -