Knut Schäffner, Interior Design, Master Painter

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The interdisciplinary team of the company Der RaumDesigner creates comprehensive room concepts that they can (almost) entirely implement themselves. Starting as a painting company, their range of services expanded, now encompassing the planning and execution of wall and floor designs, as well as the provision of matching home textiles, furniture, and accessories. Knut Schaeffner is always open to new ideas and finds continual inspiration in the lived collaboration between craftsmanship and design. He supported the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau in building a prototype developed within the ADDWOOD research project (3D printing with wood). His vision for the future is for his company to evolve towards interior design, offering complete lighting concepts and entire furniture construction to comprehensively cover the spectrum of furnishings. However, the company's growth should not dilute the quality of customer consultation and teamwork.

Name of Craft in the local language
Knut Schäffner, Maler- und Lackierermeister, Raumdesigner
Type of Craft
Planning and execution of complete room concepts involving painting, floor laying, interior decorating with upholstery and decoration sewing. Sale of upholstered furniture, lighting, and room textiles. Processing of high-quality wall coverings (premium wallpapers, textile coverings, including hand-stitched items, real wood veneers, exclusive wall plasters, and seamless wall coatings). Collaboration with carpenters and electricians for specific installations.
Knowledge Holder
Knut Schäffner (Management, painting work, room concepts), Manja Weiß (Interior Decorator, textile work) and the team
Location, Website
Pestalozzistraße 1a, 08344 Grünhain-Beierfeld Link to website
Telephone: +49 (0) 3774 644 199; E-Mail:
Type of Business
Newly founded
Year of Establishment
Founded in 1998 as "Schaeffner Exklusiv und Kreativ," relocated to the current location in 2017.

Workshop and sales space
Showroom, workshop, sewing studio, office, and company headquarters all together at one location. The warehouse is a bit away.
Paints/lacquers, Wallpapers, wall coverings from around the world, Room textiles from Germany, Various types of floor coverings (parquet, vinyl, carpet)
Technology / Tools / Machines
Plastering equipment. Grinding technology. Special tables for the processing of wall coverings. Tools for the painting trade. High-speed sewing machine, overlock sewing machine, iron. Upholstery tools.
Techniques / Processes
Vary depending on the assignment and craft
Members / Employees
Owner and 12 employees (engineer, painter journeymen, painter apprentices, flooring installers, carpenter, interior decorator, secretary)
Two apprentices training as painter/lacquerers
Education of the Craftsperson
Master painter. Room designer since 2013 (studies).

Best-selling product
Individual Room Concepts for end customers are in highest demand. Typically, these are projects where several rooms for a customer are designed simultaneously with a new lighting and color concept, as well as new furniture and textiles. The customers are usually middle-aged individuals from the region.
Average time of production
For each room, a production time of one to one and a half weeks is to be expected, including drying times and furniture setup.
Average price per item
The price varies greatly, depending on the customer’s wish. It can cost around €10,000 for several rooms.

“Our customers, who mostly come from the region, have already experienced their ‘first living’ phase and now want to improve the design of their living spaces in the second half of their lives. The color designs have been getting more colorful lately. Color has also arrived in the Ore Mountains.”