Jürgen Huß, Incense Cones Maker

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There are only a handful of companies in Germany that produce incense cones. HUSS Räucherkerzenherstellung is one of them. Jürgen Huß is the third generation of his family to manufacture incense cones and sells them worldwide. The machines for this rare production process are almost entirely home-made, as the company group also includes a SME engineering company.

Name of Craft in the local language
Jürgen Huß, Karzlmacher
Type of Craft
Production of Incense Cones and accessories (Additionally HUSS Maschinenbau GmbH (Machining/Metal Cutting))
Knowledge Holder
Huß Family
Location, Website
Gewerbegebiet 11 und 3, 09465 Sehmatal-Neudorf, www.weihrichkarzle.de Link to website
Tel: +49 37342 88090, Mail: info@juergen-huss.de
Type of Business
Family business in its 3th generation (grandfather, father, Jürgen)
Year of Establishment
The grandfather operated the production of incense cones initially as a side job since 1928 and founded the company HUSS Räucherkerzenfabrik (Incense Cones Factory) in the 1950s. Jürgen's father ran the business until 1970 and continued the tradition as a sideline until 1989. The company was founded in the early 1990s and currently employs 30 people in Neudorf i.E.
Yes. All six children work in various areas of the company and will gradually take over the business, as Jürgen Huß is slowly retiring into private life.

Workshop and sales space
Workshop: converted former stable of the LPG (Agricultural Production Cooperative of the GDR) since 1999 Show workshop with a 140 square meter sales room in the town center
Plant resins, natural fragrances: Frankincense (resin of the Boswellia trees), Benzoin (resin of the Storax tree plants), Myrrh (resin of the Balsam tree plants), Lavender flowers, and more Origin of materials: Arabian Peninsula, East Africa, France
Technology / Tools / Machines
The machines used for production are self-built/prototype construction. A mixing machine was modified for the application.
Members / Employees
30 employees in the production of incense cones
Metal cutting mechanic; Mechanical engineering student workers; Office clerk (male/female)
Education of the Craftsperson
Master of Mechanical Engineering

Best-selling product
Incense cones with frankincense scent, also known as “Weihrichkarzl” (Frankincense cones) from the Ore Mountains
Average price per item
1.80 - 5.00 Euro per pack, depending on the size and quantity