Jende trimming manufactory, Diane Maren Jende, Christian Jende


In 2013, Diane Maren Jende and Christian Jende took over the manufactory out of insolvency. Their intention was to preserve the endangered craft of trimmings and at the same time contribute to the preservation of an artisan culture in the region. The company is broadly positioned with the production of trimmings, the creation and realisation of textile interior concepts, the restoration and reconstruction of historical trimmings in the field of monument preservation.

Name of Craft in the local language
Type of Craft
Production of high-quality trimmings and interior design products according to individual customer requirements: Braids, trimmings, cords, fringes, tassels, ropes, lights & cables, vehicle interiors (mainly for vintage cars), fashion, jewellery, accessories; Production for interior designers, costume clubs, theatres and private individuals; Restorations and reconstructions for the public and private sector; Customised additions, repairs for private customers
Location, Website
Jende Manufaktur GBR, Diane Maren Jende and Christian Jende, Keunescher Kirchweg 3, 03149 Forst/Lausitz, Link to website
e-mail:; phone: +49 3562 694742
Type of Business
Takeover of a traditional regional company from insolvency
Year of Establishment
1884 Foundation of the company by Theodor Wagler in Berlin, since 1910 royal Prussian purveyor to the court, 2006 relocation to Forst and sale of the company, 2013 insolvency and takeover by Diane Maren Jende and Christian Jende

Workshop and sales space
Two machine rooms and a ropery
Silk, cotton, wool, viscose, but also other materials on customer request. Different suppliers, supply from a regional source is becoming increasingly problematic, previous dye works e.g. in Thuringia and Austria have closed after more than 100 years,
Technology / Tools / Machines
Jaquard tape loom with punched cards, Hand loom, Galon machine, "Large Frenchman", Bobbin winding machines, Sewing machines, Reeper wheels, Hand wheels (reeper wheels), leno wheels, various scissors and also sewing utensils, sewing machine, iron
Techniques / Processes
Designing/Sampling; Selection of the model, customisation to the customer's wishes; Selection of materials, possibly colouring the thread according to special requirements; Setting up the machine; Threading the yarn; Weaving; Tasseling, covering, chaining, lacing, tying, embroidering (terms from the manufacture of tassels); Plaiting; Twisting; Making-up; Returning textile waste to the material cycle
Members / Employees
In addition to the owners, 3 employees work in the production of the trimmings and 3 skilled workers in the sewing studio (all part-time); an increase in working hours is possible depending on the order situation.
The profession of trimming is still on offer. Jende is the only company in Germany to date to have trained a female apprentice (has meanwhile completed her apprenticeship). Here, too, there is the social problem that trades and study professions are not considered to be of equal value. Parents are an important factor in their children's career choices. The problem is that the trainees often go straight to university and will therefore never work in the skilled trades. This means that the investment in time and craftsmanship made by the training companies is not amortised. Good experiences with lateral entrants!
Education of the Craftsperson
Diane Maren Jende worked for 20 years in the public sector, most recently mainly in press and public relations. After taking over the company, she successively took on organisational and administrative work and 2-3 years later resigned from the public sector and from then on worked full-time in the company. Christian Jende was born in Forst and learnt the trade of interior decorator and interior designer here. After graduating, he left the city and only returned to Forst in 2013 when he acquired the company.

Best-selling product
Tassels, braids, cords, fringes, tiebacks, barrier ropes
Average price per item
Very individualised, adaptation to existing budgets, often negotiations