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Jela Duvnjak, ethnologist and cultural anthropologist


Jela Duvnjak is one of two academically educated ethnologists in the large area of southwestern Bosnia, which covers an area of several thousand km2, along the border with the Republic of Croatia, where different cultural-historical lines of oriental and Mediterranean origin intertwine.

Name of Field in the local language
Etnologija, kulturalna antropologija i historija kulture
Area of Expertise
National costumes and decorations, housing, traditional food.
Scientists / Scientific team
Jela Duvnjak
Location, Institution, Website
Livno, Franjevački muzej i galerija Gorica/ Franciscan Museum and Gallery Gorica , Gorička cesta bb.
+387 65 428 685,
Type of Institution
Cultural institution - Museum
Years of Active working in the Field
Collaborators or Successors

Laboratory and research space
Materials and equipment
Technology / Tools / Machines
Research Methods / Processes
Interviews with tellers (common people), recording of video and photo material, study of archival material and documentation and research and use of literature (primary and secondary sources).
Members / Employees
Students or other Researchers
Education of the Scientist
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb

Most impactful project
- Permanent ethnological exhibition of the Franciscan Museum and Gallery Gorica, Livno, 2016. - The project "Livno - the city of cheese and honey" about affirmation of traditional autochthonous production of Bosnian types of fat cheese and its artisanal production, 2022. - The project "Wool - an exhibition of traditional items and wool processing procedures" Together with colleagues from the Ethnographic Museum in Split, the wool processing craft was shown in and exhibition, 2021-2022.
Grant or funding information

Awards, certifications, or scientific recognition
Croatian Ethnological Society