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Danijela Đukanović, Ethnologist and cultural anthropologist


Danijela Đukanović is one of the newer generations of ethnologists and cultural anthropologists who linked her research to the primarily material cultures of the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other peoples in the geographical area of the Bosnian Krajina (Northwestern Bosnia). Its role in the promotion of the special skill of decorating fabrics (costumes) in the area of Zmijanje, the so-called “zmijanjski vez/ Zmijanje embroidery”, is particularly significant. Zmijanje embroidery is also included in the UNESCO list of world intangible heritage from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Name of Field in the local language
Etnologija i kulturalna antropologija
Area of Expertise
Folk costumes, jewelry and decorations.
Scientists / Scientific team
Danijela Đukanović
Location, Institution, Website
Banja Luka, JU Muzej Republike Srpske/Museum of Republic of Srpska, Đure Daničića 1.
+387 65 300 247
Type of Institution
Cultural institution - Museum
Years of Active working in the Field
Collaborators or Successors
Vladimir Đukanović

Laboratory and research space
Materials and equipment
Technology / Tools / Machines
Research Methods / Processes
Interviews with tellers (common people), recording of video and photo material, study of archival material and documentation and research and use of literature (primary and secondary sources).
Members / Employees
Students or other Researchers
Education of the Scientist
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Banja Luka

Most impactful project
- Professional and scientific processing of jewelry/decoration from the ethnological department of the Museum of the Republic of Srpska (exhibitions, publications); - Professional-scientific processing of certain types of clothing items/costumes from the ethnological department Museum of the Republic of Srpska (exhibitions, publications); - Professional-scientific processing of domestic plants and research of folk medicine (exhibitions, publications); - Management of the nomination project "Zmijanje embroidery" on the UNESCO heritage list and accompanying contents such as organizing workshops, presentations, etc.
Grant or funding information

Awards, certifications, or scientific recognition
Plaque of the City of Banja Luka for exceptional achievements in the field of culture in 2018 Thank you note from ICOM BiH 2007-2009