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3D printing is one of the major revolutions in the recent history of manufacturing processes. The transformation of this technology for integration into woodworking processes is the focus of the research project ADDWOOD. The goal is to promote the democratization and decentralization of production on a sustainable basis using low-energy methods.

Name of Field in the local language
Wood technology, wood design
Area of Expertise
Development of a 3D printing process with wood
Scientists / Scientific team
TU Dresden (Technical University Dresden), Chair of Forest Utilization in Tharandt (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Rüggeberg): Dr. Michael Rosenthal (Project Management), Christian Gerber (Research Assistant) WHZ AKS Schneeberg, field of study Wood Design: Prof. Jacob Strobel (Project Management), Uwe Bodenschatz (Employee), Freistil/Rolf Benz (Practice Partner), Participation of students from both universities in the course of their final theses, to a small extent also the involvement of student assistants
Location, Institution, Website
Technical University of Dresden, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Department of Forest Sciences, Institute of Forest Utlization and Forest Technology, Chair of Forest Utilization in Tharandt West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, Faculty of Applied Arts, Department Wood Design in Schneeberg
Technical University of Dresden - Faculty of Environmental Sciences - Department of Forest Sciences - Institute of Forest Utilization and Forest Technology - Chair of Forest Utilization, Pienner Str. 19, 01737 Tharandt Project Management: Dr.-Ing. Michael Rosenthal, Tel: +49 351 463-31360
Type of Institution
Cooperation project between University of Applied Sciences, University and industry partners
Years of Active working in the Field
Collaborators or Successors

Laboratory and research space
35 sqm
Materials and equipment
Paste-like wood paste, wood content 75% Bio-based binder (carboxymethyl cellulose), filler content 75% Residues from the wood industry, e.g. sanding dust Other fine-grained substances, such as ground residues from agriculture (rice), mineral fillers (whiting, sands)
Technology / Tools / Machines
Liquid Deposition Modeling - Paste Extrusion (based on: printing of clay); Modified 3D printers in various sizes (15 x 15 x 15 cubic centimeter to 100 x 200 x 80 cubic centimeter build space); Specially developed extrusion print heads in the project
Research Methods / Processes
Experimental series with different printing mixtures; Design and production of prototypes; Cooperation with industry partners