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The event was a one-to-one residency. Passa Ao Futuro invited and challenged one designer to collaborate with a cane basket weaver.

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12 – 23 February 2024 | Fazenda S. Bartolomeu, Portugal | Passa Ao Futuro
Designer: Christian Haas, craftsman: Domingos Vaz

A designer collaborated with a cane basket weaver. Together they created a small collection of contemporary utilitarian objects that will go into production. This residency was hosted by Companhia das Culturas, a small hotel in the South of Portugal that has adapted all its rooms to the pre-existing old farm buildings where the whitewash of the walls, the levelled concrete and the cork prevails.

Born in Germany in 1974, Christian Haas lives and works in Porto, Portugal where he established his Studio in 2000. The Industrial Designer creates ever since products through multiple disciplines from furniture and lighting to porcelain and glassware. His design approach merges simplicity and elegance. His sense of aesthetics is driven by the harmony between sobriety, usefulness, emotionality, longevity and uniqueness. The Studio works for international brands such as Rosenthal, Karakter, Arita2016 and Tecta as well as for selected design galleries. Throughout the years, his work was honored with awards like the Red Dot Design Award and the Elle Decoration International Design Award.

Born in Odeleite, a small town in the South of Portugal known as “capital of cane basketry”, Domingos Vaz began learning the craft in a very organic way, from watching older people working. Like most other kids in his village, he started by making small toys and baskets that wouldn’t require the use of a knife, and gradually began developing pieces that required more strength and to be cut with tools. Everyone learned the craft as a means of survival – to make objects for use in agriculture and shepherding, and to sell. However, the passion for cane and all that is nature related always accompanied him, and he has been fully dedicated to the art since his retirement, in 2011.

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