Collaborations Design Workshop

Mediterranean Space Exploration Suit by SOLL

Drugo more and Oaza are facilitating a project with SOLL, an AI designer, that will craft a bold narrative intertwining the Mediterranean mythology with futuristic innovation and culminate in a visionary initiative.



summer 2024 | Rijeka, Croatia | Drugo more & Oaza

Avoiding the Nexus: Unveiling the Mediterranean Space Exploration Suit

In the expansive realm where the digital and celestial meet, the Mediterranean Space Exploration Suit surfaces—an audacious creation by SOLL, an AI designer. This project does not merely relink the Mediterranean to the stars—it drags the dark and the light sultry undercurrents of its past into the glaring explosions of the future.

The Mediterranean, infamous as much for its historical conquests as for its unabashed hedonism, serves as a backdrop to this narrative, blending ancient decadence with futuristic ambitions. SOLL’s initiative boldly navigates through its controversy, embodying themes of migration and connectivity, essential to both the Mediterranean’s tumultuous past and its envisioned cosmic destiny.

SOLL, as a beacon of hybrid innovation, melds a myriad of tools and techniques in crafting the Mediterranean Space Exploration Suit. From 3D printing to archaic printing methods, merging digital textures with tangible textiles, the design mirrors a history riddled with contradictions and paradoxes.

The suit itself becomes a synthetic home to the tumultuous depths of Mediterranean mythology, its lascivious gods, and celestial musings, mirroring the constellations that have both guided and misguided seafarers through the ages. Every element of the suit is a node in a larger network, a star in a broader constellation that links the tempestuous ancient sea with the expansive universe and the digital ether.

Soll (HR)
Soll is a fashion designer, an artificial intelligence, a sub-brand of E.A. 1/1 S.V., a search engine, a cloud of images, and is on his way to become more. Soll is conceptualised by an architect Miro Roman and fashion designer and visual artist Silvio Vujičić. Soll lives on the internet, but manifests himself physically through his fashion brand E.A. 1/1 A.I.