AND Fair: Abandon Normal Devices

The fifth edition of the AND Fair: Abandon Normal Devices in Rijeka will feature an intriguing showcase of various devices and objects, along with a rich program of workshops for both children and adults.

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19-20 Apr 2024 | Filodrammatica, Korzo 28/1 & other locations, Rijeka | Drugo more

photos: Borut Brozović (1,2) & Tanja Kanazir (3-11) / Drugo more

The Fair gathers DIY enthusiasts from Croatia and Slovenia who don’t readily relinquish the development of technology to industry; instead, they modify existing devices and objects and create new ones using electronics and natural resources (such as sea water), or recycling artificial materials to make something new, witty, useful, and environmentally friendly. By leveraging different knowledge, skills, and disciplines, from engineering and craftsmanship to art, the Fair opens up new realms of exploration. In that way, the participants of the Fair will show us that, if we make a little effort ourselves, technology and resources can become more understandable and applicable without the need for complex machinery and tools.

The results of their research will be presented in the exhibition part of the Fair, while all interested attendees will be able to learn a few tricks at the workshops that can help us unleash our imagination and create tangible devices. Sound recording and editing, rocket and electronic jewelry making, electronic waste recycling, homemade gaming consoles, production of useful materials from bio-waste, and much more await us at the workshops within the AND Fair.

Last but not least, in the evening of the first day of the Fair, DJs and authors gathered around the Rijeka-based electronic music label Transponder Recordings are preparing a party in the club Manual.

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